Monday, September 5, 2011

Crock Pot Appetizer Trifecta

At our monthly Dinnertime Diva gatherings the host diva always prepares some appetizers for the group. When possible, the appetizers reflect the theme of the month.

Since September is "Crock Pot Meals" I am once again in search of the Appetizer Trifecta for one of my favorite appliances....

Oh my triple crock pot...what a fun Christmas gift from my parents. Since getting it last year it has been a hit at many get togethers (including Dessert Diva's baby shower!). Since most of the diva gatherings involve appetizers I've been in search of 3 appetizer recipes that really compliment each other.

This is harder than it sounds because variety is key. For example, I never want 3 things that are all served with tortilla chips (too boring). On the other hand you don't want 3 things that are so different that the flavors don't go well together (too crazy). I want 3 recipes that make people go "mmm" (just right). Ah...the search for the appetizer trifecta.

Here are some of the Divas favorite crock pot appetizers:
(Be sure to check back this week as we post the recipes for all of the food listed below!)

-Buffalo Chicken Dip
-Spicy Nacho Dip
-Pizza Dip
-Mexican Dip
-Jalepeno Popper Dip
-Meatball Biscuits with Marinara Sauce
-Artichoke Spread
-Reuben Delight

We'd love to hear your ideas...what 3 recipes would you put as your crock pot "Appetizer Trifecta"?

Until next dinner...

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