Saturday, June 25, 2011

DTD - June 2011

Dinnertime Divas June 2011

Theme: Summer Grilling

Hosts: Cheesy Diva and Gourmet Diva

Cheesy Diva Nacho Dip
Cheesy Diva Divine Potato Bake

Take Home Recipes:
Peaches and Pork (Gourmet Diva)
Sirloin Kabobs (Saucy Diva)
Italian Chicken and Veggie Kabobs (Cheesy Diva)
Pork Tenderloin Medallions with Lemon Mustard Sauce (Dessert Diva)

The divas were reminiscing about past DTD nights and realize that they are now just distant memories! We decided we really should do a monthly blog post about our Dinnertime Diva get togethers so anyone can reference back and find their favorite recipes. So, begining this month the Diva that hosts the gathering at her house will take a few pictures and spread the DTD love.

You may have noticed there were only four recipes this month instead of the normal six. This month we sadly said goodbye to Spicy Diva as she began a new adventure in life and has moved out of state. But once a diva, always a diva, so we hope she comes back and visits often!

Wine diva was out of town so that left four divas, two baby divas, and one diva in the oven (Cheesy Diva Jr. coming this November to a kitchen near you!)

So enjoy the fuzzy pictures of our day (sorry...didn't realize my lens was smudged until the end of the day!)

Getting some appetizers while we set up our stations.

Peaches and Pork Station

Sirloin Kabob Station

A glass of wine (and Pork Tenderloin Medallions with Lemon Mustard Sauce Station) :)

Italian Chicken Kabob station

Baby Diva and Baby Divo entertaining themselves while the mommies cook!

And....since we are all educators and are FINALLY on summer vacation we decided a trip to a local ice cream parlor was in order.

Do you love our new monthly post? Check back later this week and you will find all the recipes for "Summer Grilling" posted for your convenience (check below this post to see the recipes for this month). I bet you are also waiting in anxious anticipation to see what we are cooking next month?

July 2011 "Iron Chef Divas"
For next month we all thought of an ingredient we like to cook with. We wrote them down on paper and drew out of a bowl to see who was cooking with what next month.

Drumroll please...

Cheesy Diva: Asparagus
Saucy Diva: Cous Cous
Dessert Diva: Avacado
Gourmet Diva: Cream Cheese
Wine Diva: Snap/Sugar Peas

Until next dinner.....

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