Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Spring Appetizer Pizza (from Dessert Diva)

Here is the recipe for the final dish I made for our Diva BBQ last week. I have had and been making this recipe for forever. I have no idea where I found it, but I love that it's a bit different than the traditional veggie appetizer pizzas you typically see. It makes a great appetizer, vegetarian snack or breakfast. Also, feel free to change up the veggies, add more or less of things, use flavored cream cheese, etc. This recipe is very versatile!

1 pkg. refrigerated crescent rolls
8 oz. cream cheese
2 tbsp. mayonnaise
1 small garlic clove, pressed
1 tsp. lemon pepper seasoning
4 oz. ham, cut into short, thin pieces
3/4 cup chopped broccoli
1/2 cup cucumber slices, quartered
1/3 cup chopped yellow bell pepper
1/8 small red onion, cut into thin wedges

Preheat oven to 350. Unroll crescent dough; separate into 8 triangles. On a pizza stone (or cutting board), arrange the triangles into a circle with points in the center (I often just roll it out into a rectangle). Using a lightly floured roller, roll out dough to a 12 inch circle, pressing seams together to seal. Bake 14-17 minutes or until golden brown. Cool completely.

In a small bowl, combine cream cheese, mayonnaise, garlic and lemon pepper seasoning. Spread evenly over cooled crust. Top pizza with ham and vegetables. Refrigerate 30 minutes. Cut into squares.

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  1. Just happened upon this and wow, I totally love this idea - A LOT!

    Im so glad I found this.