Friday, February 26, 2010

Who are the Dinnertime Divas?

Dessert Diva

Dessert Diva is a twenty-something wife and mother of a furry Goldendoodle named Hoosier. She enjoys hiking, swimming and any outdoor activity (except running). She is a chocoholic who enjoys making just about any dessert and has recently branched out into using fondant. Her creativity in developing this blog is just like her recipes...sweet and sassy.

Spicy Diva

Spicy Diva is an adventurous twenty-something who enjoys rock climbing and reading and has developed a recent love for cooking, thanks to the Dinnertime Divas. She likes spice...period.

Saucy Diva

Saucy Diva is a freshly thirty, newly married Diva. She enjoys traveling and shopping and has recently experimented with ethnic cuisine. She's saucy...and likes it.

Wine Diva

Wine Diva is a twenty-something mother of two who enjoys dancing and music. She has recently been training for a half marathon. While she will be turning thirty soon, we all agree she's like wine...she gets better with age.

Cheesy Diva aka The Big Cheese

The Big Cheese is our youngest Diva. She is a twenty-something wife who enjoys reading and randomly breaks into song. Always the life of the party, we all agree "More cheese please."

Gourmet Diva

As Gourmet Diva enters her thirties, she will be welcoming Baby Diva in May. She enjoys coming up with gourmet cooking recipes with her husband. Her philosophy is, "Gourmet or Go Home."

First row: Dessert Diva, Spicy Diva
Second row: Cheesy Diva, Saucy Diva
Third row: Wine Diva, Gourmet Diva

Always Delicious, Always Entertaining.
Coming Up: Divas Night In and the March edition of Supper Club

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  1. Sounds like fun, ladies!

    I especially like the idea of having a wine diva to bring a supply to every gathering.

    Cute apron, Alisa! ;)