Thursday, February 25, 2010

Supper Club-February 2010-Bakes

Last Monday, we held our third Supper Club. The theme for this month was "bakes."

Some may call these casseroles, but we are not those people because we have husbands who do not enjoy casseroles...if you catch my drift.

The lineup included: Beef Noodle Bake, Upside Down Pizza Bake, Mock Chop Suey, Crab Alfredo, Enchiladas and Baked Ziti. Yum!

We set up shop and got to work...almost. First, we had to welcome a new member to the Club. You see, we originally had 5 members, but we made enough for 6 meals. The extra set of meals was given as a gift to one of the billion pregnant women we work with. Then...we ran out of pregnant women. No problem, though, because we knew just the right person to fill the void. She willingly obliged...until we sprung the initiation on her.

Well, actually, even then she willingly obliged. She's a rock star like that.

We conducted a blind taste test, using some delicious...scratch that, disgusting...foods that, I am ashamed to admit, were found in the refrigerators of fellow members. Well, this was no problem for her...she knew just about every weird thing we put on a spoon and offered her.

Did I mention she's a rock star like that? My stomach wouldn't have been able to handle even the least disgusting of the batch. Lord, I don't think I would even have let them put the blindfold on me...but that's just me.

Once we were done acting like college frat boys, we got to work making our meals and drinking our wine. What a great night...and now our Club is complete!

Coming Up: Meet each of The Dinnertime Divas

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