Thursday, July 14, 2011

Turkey Tacos with Fresh Corn and Avocado Salsa

For this month's Iron Chef Supper Club, I drew avocado out of the hat. Eeks! It's not easy to find an avocado recipe that is not a dip or a sandwich so I decided to put my own spin on a few recipes I found.

First, I found P-Dub's recipe for Fresh Corn and Avocado Salsa. I thought this sounded delicious, but it wasn't going to cut it as a meal. I figured it would make a delicious topping for tacos, though! My next dilemma was that I wanted a homemade taco packets full of preservatives for my Divas! I came across this recipe on Brown Eyed Baker's blog (love the blog too, by the way!) that was just what I was looking for.

Here's what I ended up with...

1 lb. ground turkey
Fresh Corn and Avocado Salsa
Homemade Taco Seasoning Mix (the recipe makes enough to season 7 lbs. Make the whole thing and store it...or don't! It's up to you!)
1/4 cup water
Taco shells

Brown turkey in a large skillet; drain. Add taco seasoning mix and 1/4 cup water. Simmer over medium heat until liquid reduces. Serve on taco shells with the salsa and your favorite taco toppings.


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