Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sneak Peek: July 2011 "Iron Chef Divas"

This month we all thought of an ingredient we like to cook with. We wrote them down on paper and drew out of a bowl to see who was cooking with each ingredient for our July DTD gathering.

In case you are wondering what some of the recipes for the upcoming month will is your sneak preview. We are meeting this week so be sure to check back next weekend for full recipes and details of our July Dinnertime Diva gathering!

Cheesy Diva: Asparagus
Recipe: "TBD"

Saucy Diva: Cous Cous
Recipe: "One Pot California Chicken with Cous Cous"

Dessert Diva: Avacado
Recipe: "Ground Turkey Tacos with Corn and Avacado Salsa"

Gourmet Diva: Cream Cheese
Recipe: "Cream Cheese, Garlic, and Chive stuffed Chicken"

Wine Diva: Snap/Sugar Peas
Recipe: "TBD"

Until next dinner...

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